Hiking Tours

Unforgettable adventure!

Harder and longer than a walk but less physically demanding than a trek, hikes are the perfect in-between for those who still want to thoroughly explore the great outdoors without all the fuss of proper equipment. The Dolomites feature an infinite number of trails winding their way through wild alpine meadows, evergreen woods, alpine lakes, soaring peaks and dramatic walls. To truly appreciate the beauty of the Dolomites, you simply have to hike these trails. The expansive landscape offers an incredible variety of flora and fauna; however, the real stars are the peaks, which are best explored on foot. Hiking is accessible for adventure enthusiasts of all fitness levels.

Planning with you

Create your own hiking tour with us! Our team of experts will support you to design a tailor-made itinerary to suit your needs and interests. Since 2004 we have been helping walkers to explore the wonders of the mountains on foot and have carefully selected and researched the best hiking trails in the extraordinary scenery of the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amongst some of the most popular hikes, we have to mention the Nuvolau, that shows off some of the best views in the Dolomites, Lake Sorapis, famous for its intense colour in hues ranging from light blue to turquoise and the Tre Cime, one of the most popular hikes around 3 iconic peaks of the Dolomites.

All year round! 

Hiking has no season. When you think of hiking in the great outdoors, you might think that this particular form of exercise is only possible from spring to autumn. However, the Dolomites boasts an extensive network of marked winter hiking trails. Snow-white ridges, fairy tale like winter landscapes, unspoilt nature and the impressive view of the Dolomites - this is winter hiking! Numerous winter hiking trails lead across meadows, along streams, past vantage points with resting benches and a magnificent view of the panorama, the villages, forests and the nearby mountains. Our winter hiking tours go through well-established and safe routes and are suitable for everybody.

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