Dolomites + Prosecco

Two UNESCO World Heritage sites on the same day!

In 2009 the UNESCO declared the Dolomites a World Natural Heritage Area for their unique and monumental beauty. The site of the Dolomites features some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere, with vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, deep and long valleys. Their dramatic vertical and pale coloured peaks in a variety of distinctive sculptural forms is extraordinary in a global context. The quantity and concentration of highly varied limestone formations is extraordinary. The sublime, monumental and colourful landscapes of the Dolomites have also long attracted hosts of travellers and a history of scientific and artistic interpretations of its values.

Prosecco road

The picturesque hills of Italy’s Prosecco Region, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019, aren’t just home to one of the world’s most famous sparkling wines, but a beautiful cultural landscape to be explored driving through a scenic road that winds through the hills, surrounded by an almost infinite network of vineyards, but also castles, stately villas and sacred buildings. Thanks to its special terracing system, soil and terrain conservation techniques and viticultural practices using Glera grapes, the hills have become one of the most beautiful and productive wine-growing areas in the world. When travel in this area, you enjoy the feast before your eyes, stretching your gaze over the vineyards.

Wine tasting

In 2009 "Prosecco" became an appellation extended to nine provinces between Veneto and Friuli. Starting from the 2017 vintage, most of the wineries have removed the term “Prosecco” from all of their labels and communication material, exclusively using the appellation "Valdobbiadene DOCG" or "Conegliano DOCG" to identify the historic area that Prosecco is made with the higher quality level of DOCG, and further to that the suffix 'Superiore' was created.
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